5 goals every pastor should have

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Every January, millions of people, both young and old, male and female, and believers and nonbelievers, create New Year resolutions. As you know, this is a popular and traditional trend that people use to modify their behavior to improve their life.

Though we appreciate the term “New Year resolutions”, it’s just a more common, fun, and acceptable way of setting goals. Today, we’d like to share 5 personal goals I believe every pastor should have:

FAITH GOAL: We study to preach, and we should. We study to teach, and we should. We study to preach for additional speaking engagements, and we should, but that shouldn’t be our goal. Our faith goal should be to study to live, not just study to talk!

FAMILY GOAL: What should your family goals be? Love and date your spouse more. Spend more time with your spouse. Love your children more. Spend more time with your children. Be their #1 fan. When it comes to loving your family, let this be your default and heartfelt thought: I prefer you over me and my ministry.

FINANCE GOAL: In 1994, the late Barry White released the song, “Practice What You Preach”, and this should be a song of conviction for all of us. Do we personally practice the financial stewardship we expect from our leaders and congregation? Set a financial goal for yourself so money is more of a blessing and less of a burden.

FITNESS GOAL: As we lead our biological family and spiritual family, we should reflect the importance of health and wellness. Our consumption of “fun and fried foods” should be in moderation. Drinking more water and working out 2-3 times per week should be the expectation. Set a fitness goal so you can operate at optimal levels for yourself, your family, and your church family.

FUN GOAL: Many of us are bi-vocational and make more sacrifices than many people know. You deserve a break. You deserve to enjoy life and have fun. Plan a vacation. Plan many and mini-vacations. If finances are temporarily tight, plan a staycation, and eat a good meal. Go bowling. Go dancing. Play pool. Enjoy live music. Go to a comedy show, but whatever you do, schedule dedicated time away from leading so you can enjoy living and laughing.

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