How to know you are forgiven by God

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

What is your theology or ideology or psychological construct on forgiveness?

Forgiveness means to pardon or exonerate or to offer remission for or to someone.

Forgiveness is mentioned dozens of times in the Bible. When a term or concept or theme is mentioned with such frequency, clearly God considers this a topic of great importance and warrants our attention.

Forgiveness, or the ability to forgive is critical for life and leadership.

Pastors must grow towards forgiveness.

Parents must grow towards forgiveness.

Pupils must grow towards forgiveness.

Professionals must grow towards forgiveness.

Politicians must grow towards forgiveness. 

Every person must grow towards forgiveness.

The act of forgiving can be difficult to extend to others because we may not truly believe God has forgiven, does forgive, or will forgive us.

I believe God always wants to forgive, but there is a pattern, or a how-to process to know that God has truly forgiven us.

In Joshua 24, Joshua is advanced in age and assembles a meeting with his leaders, elders, judges, and officials. He doesn’t want to leave the Earth without sharing his heart and he begins to tell them they cannot serve both God and false gods (v19). The group is convicted by the sincerity and passion of Joshua and they confess, “We will serve the Lord”.

Next, Joshua tells them to remove their false gods and idols that are among them (v23). In this biblical narrative, the Children of Israel historically worshiped and lived with idols constructed of various metals and materials, and so do we: cars, clothes, and other lavish materialistic things.

Lastly, Joshua advises the leaders to yield their heart to the Lord (v23). Yielding signifies submission or humility, or following someone else’s lead.

I believe Joshua gives us a pattern and a process to know and easily remember how to be forgiven by God. God wants us to C.R.Y. out to him: Confess, Remove, and Yield.

Imagine what type of a world this would be if more pastors, parents, pupils, professionals, and politicians would simply C.R.Y. out to God…

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