The faith to start

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

How do you start a nonprofit? How do you start a business? How do you start writing your book? How do you start a church? How do you start a community development organization? How do you start a mentoring group?

I am often asked these and many other questions, and my answer is always the same: you must have “faith to start”. You need more than ambition. You need more than creativity. You need more than a cool concept. You need more than a well thought out strategy. You need more than a team of advisors. You need more than identifying your target market. You need more than start-up capital. You need “faith to start”.

And when you start, start small! Starting small is not an insult, or anything to scoff at. The Lord loves to see something small begin! 

Zechariah 4:10 says, “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lordrejoices to see the work begin,..” Our God rejoices when something small begins..and that’s good news!

So how do we begin? How do we start? How do we launch? How do we build? How? 

First, START AFTER THE LORD SPEAKS! In 1 Kings chapter 20, King Ahab is about to go into war against King Ben-Hadad, but first a prophet approaches King Ahab. The Lord speaks through the prophet and tells the king that he will go to war and will be given victory over the vast army (1 Kings 20:13). Before you start your dream, or your assignment, make sure it is the Lord affirming and confirming your assignment, just like in our text. 

Next, START ASKING THE LORD QUESTIONS FOR CLARITY! Going to war (or starting a new venture or going to college) is a big deal. A HUGE deal. So King Ahab begins to ask the prophet some questions about who will help him win the battle, to which the prophet answers all of his questions, on behalf of the Lord. Most of us have questions we want to ask God, or at least we should, but when you do ask God questions, be sure it’s for your clarity, not questioning God’s authority..remember God is sovereign! 

Lastly, START TO DO WHAT THE LORD SAYS! King Ahab knows the Lord is sending young men to assist him in battle (1 Kings 20:14), but he still has one question. And it’s a BIG question. In 1 Kings 20:14, King Ahab asks, “And who will start the battle?” which is a reasonable if not necessary question. And on behalf of the Lord, the prophet responds briefly and boldly to his question with two simple words, “you will”. 

You will do what God has instructed and empowered and blessed you to do, when you have the faith to start. And if you don’t remember anything I’ve shared, remember this, “Starting small is better than not starting at all”…so, do you have the “faith to start”? The Lord rejoices to see the work begin..

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