The Real MVP: Mission, Vision, Purpose

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

On September 1, 2013, we launched Arrow Church. We began Sunday public worship services at the Marcus Theater in Chicago Heights, IL. We did not have any denominational support.  We were not established by a church planting organization. We are not beneficiaries from a trust fund, nor did we have a secret rich guy funding our church planting efforts..we were simply a group of friends wanting to point people towards Christ and His community..and from that passion statement, came the name Arrow!

After three years of being a portable church (tearing down and setting up), God remembered our sacrifices and honored our gifts by allowing us to purchase a building in Lynwood, IL to facilitate our worship services, meetings, and community gatherings.

Now, Arrow is five years old. Biblically and numerically, five means grace! We have been graced during our first five years of existence, but we must pray and plan for the next 5 years of ministry.

All month long, we have been sharing our new core values that will power us forward:

LOVED PEOPLE LOVE PEOPLE: many people believe that “hurt people hurt people”, and if this is true, than the converse is also true! “Loved people love people” can also be true, because John 15:12 commands us to love each other as we have been loved.

FOUND PEOPLE FIND PEOPLE: one of the coolest iPhone apps is the “Find My iPhone” app. It helps you locate your valuable Apple devices in case they are stolen or lost. In the same manner, believers are to find and connect with those who don’t have a relationship with Jesus. In John 1:43, Jesus found Phillip, and in verse 45, Phillip finds Nathanael. Phillip was found by Jesus, so he felt compelled to find Nathanael. We have been found, and we must go find others and connect them with Jesus. 

SAVED PEOPLE SERVE PEOPLE: but who really has time to serve? Or energy? Or the training? Isn’t serving like working? We believe serving requires humility more than anything else! In Luke 4:38, Jesus left the synagogue after a long day of ministry, and went to Simon’s house to do more ministry. Jesus didn’t take a nap! Jesus didn’t take a break for lunch! Instead, Jesus went to Simon’s house because his mother-in-law was very sick. Jesus healed her in verse 39 and she immediately got up and decided to make Jesus something to eat. Why? Jesus saved her from  her illness so she decided to serve Him. Jesus has saved us, so it is our privilege to serve Him!

BLESSED PEOPLE BLESS PEOPLE: most of us are blessed to have more than enough! We eat well, drive well, and dress well. We are blessed to be a blessing. God blesses us with job and resources to provide for ourselves, our family, and the work of the church. In Malachi 3:10, God invites us to “test” Him and see if He will not prove Himself faithful. We tithe because we love God, not because we owe God. We tithe because it helps precent selfish hoarding and materialism. We tithe because the church is a spiritual institution but has earthly economic responsibilities. We tithe because, with God, we will always have enough!

As we continue to pray and plan, we are excited for God’s best for our lives individually and as a church family. We give God all the glory..after all, He is the Real MVP!

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